NYPD Court Costs Paid With 20,000+ Coins — Change We Can Believe In!

ReceiptOur “Change We Can Believe In” donation drive to cover $820.15 in costs due from my NYPD stop-and-frisk lawsuitdismissed by a judge who said that I couldn’t prove that the 4 men who detained and unlawfully searched me were actually cops — was a huge success and generated more than enough in donations to cover the fee. Mailed to the city last Thursday was over 16,000 pennies, plus nickles, dimes, quarters, half-dollars (had to order these off eBay — the mint apparently doesn’t circulate half dollars anymore!), and dollar coins, as well as a few small bills to make sure the exact amount fit in the flat-rate Priority Mail box (cost to ship incl. insurance: $25). The package came to over 60 lbs., heavy enough that the post office asked me to carry it into the loading dock for them.

The city, of course, refused the shipment, as online tracking confirmed today. I’ve let the city know that if they want their money, they can arrange pickup, otherwise, I will donate the change to local homeless people (I think it would be interesting to respond to, “Can you spare some change?” with 60 lbs. of coins :) ).

This is just a small part of the coins used in the final product...

This is just a small part of the coins used in the final product…

Box o' Change before the few bank notes were added

Box o’ Change before the few bank notes were added

The final box...

The final box…

A love note to the NYPD's attorney on the case...

A love note to the NYPD’s attorney on the case…

All set to head out to the Ministry...

All set to head out to the Ministry…

About tsaoutofourpants
I'm a 30 year old entrepreneur and frequent flyer who opposes visual and manual inspection of the private parts of our bodies! I hope you'll join me in my fight to have our rights restored!

14 Responses to NYPD Court Costs Paid With 20,000+ Coins — Change We Can Believe In!

  1. WENDY S THOMSON says:

    LOL I love it.


  2. Jon Kelley says:

    Last time I checked, that’s all legal US tender. Which means you’ve made a /bona/ /fide/ effort to pay.

    They refused it. You have official tracking that shows it got there, and that it was refused. This should get interesting…

    (I especially like not only the totally loose currency, but the overall mix – meaning it has to be sorted, THEN counted. Bravo Zulu!)

  3. Kurt Nelson says:

    Aren’t your court costs a debt that you are trying to settle with legal tender thus requiring them to accept your payment?

  4. Rafael says:

    Fucking love you John!!!! Great job!!!

  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    So very clever.

  6. Reggie says:

    Great job

  7. It’s no big deal for the court, they take it to their bank and it becomes the banks problem to count it, and they have machines that do that, and roll them up at the same time. Nice going everyone.

  8. It is, in my terms, $905.23 and has a mass of 27.359kg …’cus I am Canadian!

    In other news, how are they coming along on the kidnapping, robbery, and impersonating-peace-officer charges for these four dudes impersonating New York Police who kidnapped and robbed you?

  9. S Mc says:

    Youd have more luck if you filed a “claim” against the men who illegally searched you. Not the officers themselves. Learn the rules of Common Law and listen to Karl Lentz. Its the only way to win your case. Otherwise youre still playing “their” game.


  10. esgatch says:

    Courts lies with impunity and otherwise exist for their own convenience.

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