TSA Accidentally Publishes Copy of My Drivers’ License in Brief About Privacy

I realized after I made my last post that the TSA, in its brief explaining why its employees deserve privacy in the form of having their names and faces redacted from any documents it releases, accidentally (I would assume) published a copy of my drivers’ license!

While not the cleareset image in the world, in the version you can download from the court, you can zoom in well enough to get most of my name, most of my drivers’ license number, and my date of birth (a violation of Fed. R. Civ. P. Rule 5.2(a)(2)). I’m leaving it up on the blog because I’m always happy to trade a little of my privacy for the sake of exposing the hypocritical foolishness of the TSA. That and you know that if you steal my identity, I’ll track you down. ;)

About tsaoutofourpants
I'm a 30 year old entrepreneur and frequent flyer who opposes visual and manual inspection of the private parts of our bodies! I hope you'll join me in my fight to have our rights restored!

8 Responses to TSA Accidentally Publishes Copy of My Drivers’ License in Brief About Privacy

  1. I continue to be amazed at their lack of what GOD gave us between their ears.

  2. Reggie says:

    Nothing they do surprises me anymore.

  3. fisher1949 says:

    Any chance of filing suit for damages incurred? Perhaps you now need lifetime identity theft protection at TSA’s expense.

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