Appeal Fully Briefed

My appeal is now in the hands of the court.  The documents the court will consider are below (the bottom two of which are new):

Corbett v. US – Record Excerpts (.pdf) – A compilation of District Court documents
Corbett v. US – Appellant’s Brief (.pdf) – My appellate brief
Corbett v. US – Appellee’s Brief (.pdf) – The TSA’s appellate brief
Corbett v. US – Reply Brief (.pdf) – The last word — my reply to the government’s brief

There’s no set timeframe in which the court must rule, but a typical wait would be a month or two.  I’m feeling rather neutral about our chances of success.  A lot of great arguments for the appeal were submitted to the court, but then again, a lot of great arguments were made in the District Court that went ignored.  I’ll update you guys as soon as I hear something!


About tsaoutofourpants
I'm a 30 year old entrepreneur and frequent flyer who opposes visual and manual inspection of the private parts of our bodies! I hope you'll join me in my fight to have our rights restored!

9 Responses to Appeal Fully Briefed

  1. bccmee says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Good luck to you. I really want to start flying again!

  2. Bill Fisher says:

    Great work Jon. Wishing you the best and thanks again for your efforts on behalf of all of us.

    See you at TUG.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Great work Jon, thank you for having the courage and tenacity for doing this. Behind you all the way.

  4. Barbara says:

    I am in the process of locating an attorney for a recent violation by TSA… I would appreciate any input you might have that might assist me as I charge angrily down this path … I applaud your efforts and seek to bring attention to this matter too. I am a 45 year old professional woman, who travels often for work, and never sets off any alarms, nor dresses in a manner that would preclude accurate assessment. The search I was subjected to was life-changing, has left me emotionally distraught, and has impacted me in many negative ways. I am further, a staunch Constitutionalist, and want to speak out on this incident so we can make sure it does not happen to others. Thanks in advance for any commentary you might provide.

    • Hi Barbara, welcome to the blog! I can provide my thoughts and tell you what I would do, but can’t legal advice. :) If the search you’re referring to was a “standard” TSA grope, I wouldn’t file a suit at this time since there are already at least half a dozen, including my own, going after that, and we’re a year ahead in the legal process. Instead, I’d concentrate on making the issue more well-known, through protests, handing out flyers at airports, donating time and money to groups like EPIC, etc. But, if the search was something beyond the “standard” — if they made you take off articles of clothing, for example — then I would look to consider a claim.


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